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San Diego Botanic Garden Courtsey of Stockham Video


Dickinson Family Education Conservatory



NATURE THERAPY from San Diego Botanic Garden

More than 40 executive directors and CEO’s from the largest and most prestigious public gardens in North America gathered at San Diego Botanic Gardens for their annual meeting earlier this year. One of the participants, Dr. Christopher Dunn from Cornell University, spoke with Kathleen Bade from Fox 5 San Diego about the health benefits of being out in the natural world, including public gardens like San Diego Botanic Garden.


Big Blend Network
Vacation Radio Show: April 10, 2016 

with Julian Duval, President/CEO
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Historic trees that fell victim to
El Niño get new life

Fox 5 News
Posted 5:46 PM, March 2, 2016, by Kathleen Bade

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San Diego Botanic Garden Fall Plant Sale


Sam's Thanksgiving


Sculpture in the Garden

Hamilton Children's Garden


Seeds of Wonder


Growing the Social Role of Botanic Gardens
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Video by Jim Scannell


San Diego Botanic Garden Native Plants Preservation

San Diego Botanic Garden Native Plants Preservation Length: 08:59 Paul Redeker, Director of Horticulture and Leslie Randall, Plant Curator, walk us through how they preserve natural plant habitats in Southern California. You will see which processes they use to eliminate invasive species and how they replace them with plants native to Southern California.

Shot by: Gary Junken, Produced by Antonio Reis and Danielle Sherry


Galapagos Tortoise

Sam's Big Day -
Galapagos Tortoise Moves to San Diego Botanic Garden

This video "Sam's Big Day" shares how a 600 lb Galapagos tortoise was moved from a home in Fallbrook CA to the San Diego Botanic Garden. It proved to very easy as Sam the tortoise will follow you just about any where for bananas.

There is also a very interesting back story about this special tortoise and its tie to Julian Duval, President/CEO of the San Diego Botanic Garden which started in 1966. It also touches on the love and special care Sam has received for over 40 years by Lois Dickson.

Sam is clearly very fond of interacting with people but it is not possible for that experience to be available to everyone visiting the Botanic Garden. So until Sam will be provided a display exhibit when the Garden expects to expand he will be available as a therapy animal for people with special needs.
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Galapagos Tortoise

LIVE Zoo Show POV 1990

LIVE Zoo Show POV 1990 from Ken Scheidler
I'm in the Production Van. Karen and Lydia are in the audience enjoying the 1990 LIVE "At the Zoo" show from the Encounters Arena with Kevin, Julian and Dave. I think TJ Banes is in there also.
Karen filmed the entire show. This is the final segment.
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water smart logoGardens of Ideas For Water Conservation
The links below are to YouTube

Gardens of Ideas For Water Conservation Part 1 of 3

Gardens of Ideas For Water Conservation Part 2 of 3

Gardens of Ideas For Water Conservation Part 3 of 3

water smart logoLow Water Gardening

Many local landscape plants are more drought tolerant than most people think. Often people water their plants and gardens 30-80% more than they need.

On the other hand, newly planted plants, and especially trees and large shrubs need more water for the first year or two. Most perennials and smaller fast growing shrubs need extra water for 6-8 months, especially in the summer.

For most plants the best time to plant is in the fall or early winter so that roots can establish over our rainy season. Of course, most winters we don’t really get too much rain so additional watering is necessary.

Generally, if you want fast growth initially, water more, but when the plants get larger cut back on the watering. This will restrict future growth and eliminate a lot of unnecessary pruning and trimming.

Download Low Water Plants Take Along List (PDF File, 6 pages, 292 K)