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Youth and School Tours


Come join us at the Garden to explore, discover, play, and enjoy some screen-free nature time. We offer year-round Self-Guided Tours for youth and school groups, as well as 1-Hour Guided Tours and School Programs through July 1, 2022. Please note the Education Department is only able to accommodate booking these visits during the week, and we are closed each Tuesday.

Group Bookings

The Garden currently offers 1-Hour Guided Tours and School Programs. Discounted admission rates are available for groups larger than 12. 

Please arrange all group bookings at least 30 days in advance by submitting a School and Youth Group Request Form.

We will respond to your request as soon as we can. If you are requesting a One-Hour Guided Tour or School Program, we need to confirm that we have educators and space available for the requested dates. Thank you for your patience!

Youth Group and School Admission Rates

Youth (5-18 years old) $9


No charge (2 for every 30 youths)
Adult Chaperone $9 (limit 1 chaperone for every 4 youths)
Additional Adults $17








Tour Types and Costs

1. Youth/School Self-Guided Tour: No fee in addition to group admission rate, Minimum 12/Maximum 60

2. Youth/School 1-Hour Guided Tour with an SDBG Educator(s):
Additional fee added to group admission rate, Minimum 12/Maximum 60

1-30 youths $30

31-60 youths





3. 1-Hour School Program with  SDBG Educator(s)

1-30 youths $40

31-60 youths






Self-Guided Tour Resources

Scavenger Hunt
Download the Scavenger Hunt or pick up the Botanic Explorers activity book at admissions to use during your visit to the Garden.

Current School Programs

Plant Adaptation

In-person, Grades 1-4
Available January-July 2022.

Students will discover the different adaptations of plants in both the desert and rainforest habitats through a 1-hour guided exploration.

Please contact the Education Department at education@sdbgarden.org or (760) 436 3036 x209 for more details.