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Wild and Beautiful:
Artist Alliance at San Diego Botanic Garden


Now–August 1, 2021

The Garden is pleased to welcome Wild and Beautiful, a sculpture exhibit presented in partnership with the Oceanside Museum of Art Artist Alliance.

Inspired by nature, the featured artworks were selected from submissions demonstrating a broad spectrum of materials, styles, and creative interpretations. All of the original sculptures in the collection were created by members of OMA Artist Alliance and selected for the exhibition by juror Kay Colvin. 

Mindful consideration was given to pairing each unique work of art with an environment that enhances its aesthetic character, while the artwork in turn complements the beauty of its botanic setting.

We hope you will enjoy roaming the scenic trails to discover the 13 diverse artworks placed throughout the Garden.

Artwork that is available for sale is listed with a price and the artist's email address. Sales will take place privately between the buyer and the artist.

For additional information, please contact Oceanside Museum of Art at exhibitions@oma-online.org or visit oma-online.org/wild.

sculpture in the garden

1. Judy Salinsky, Mariposa and Flower    
$3,750, judy.salinsky@icloud.com

Judy Salinsky


2. Kim Ogburn, Jungle Jan
NFS, sunbear1@me.com  

Kim Ogburn


3. Larry Vogel, Rapa Nui
$3,750, lavogelart@gmail.com

Larry Vogel


4. Scott Bruckner, Abstract     
$600, scottbruckner1@gmail.com

Scott Bruckner


5. Dan Peragine, Heron's Watcher     
$7,000, scvlpt@gmail.com

Larry Vogel


6. Danielle Zhang, Balance–Wild & Beautiful    $1,600, danielle.z1988@gmail.com

Danielle Zhang


7. Dustin Gimbel, Turquoise Sage Trio.        
$2,200, dustingimbel@mac.com

Dustin Gimbel


8. Dustin Gimbel, Black Monstrosus Trio      
$2,200, dustingimbel@mac.com

Dustin Gimbel


9. Warren Bakley, Bronze Form     
$8,000, wbakley@san.rr.com

Dustin Gimbel


10. Warren Bakley, Cherub.
$1800 wbakley@san.rr.com

Marianne McGrath


11. William Leslie, DNA–The Magic Molecule
$1,000, wmleslie77@cox.net

William Leslie


12. Ernie Pick, Nature's Spiral       
$800, erniepick@netzero.net

Ernie Pick


13. Marianne McGrath, Fenced     
$12,000, marianne.mcgrath@csuci.edu

Marianne McGrath