Sculpture in the Garden
Sculptures from regional artists installed in natural, picturesque setting
Now – April 2017

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Artists Name: Helen Segal and
Barbi Dorfan

Helen Segal Barbi Dorfan

Title of Piece: Tou and Frou (Sculpture created by Helen Segal.
Mosaic artistry done by Helen Segal and Barbi Dorfan)

: cement-covered foam substrate with glass mosaic
Dimensions: 47"H x 47"W x 18"D
Retail Price: $8,200 + tax

Artists’ Statement: A rendition of the fictional pushmi-pullyu; a playful manifestation of the conflicting and contradictory thoughts that we sometimes experience.


Artist’s Bio: Helen Segal spent her formative years in South Africa and traveled extensively in her 20’s, collecting and selling artifacts from all over Africa. In 1985 she graduated summa cum laude in Fine Art. She has been inspired by the vibrant colors and patterns used by artisans around the world especially by how beautiful objects can be made from the most mundane of materials. She works in all media but particularly loves the opportunities of mosaic, ceramics, glass, fabrics and found objects. Her special artistry extends from creating large, architectural installations and murals to smaller idiosyncratic and imaginative pieces.


Artist’s Bio: Barbi Dorfan’s creative expression began with decorative ceramics and evolved into mosaic art. She has had the fortune of studying with master mosaic artists from Luciana Notturini of the Mosaic School of Ravenna, Italy to Sonia King in the U.S.  Barbi moved to the U.S. from South Africa in 2010 bringing with her the influence of her eclectic heritage. Her style has evolved into a relatively abstract and whimsical aesthetic through the manipulation of her rich color palette and materials.

Photos: Nick Ruddick