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Calliandra haematocephala


PinkPowder Puff

Common Name: Pink Powder Puff

Origin: Bolivia, South America

Features/Uses: The powder-puff pinkish- red blooms are striking. The new growth of the evergreen compound leaves are copper-colored. With showy blooms and luxuriant foliage this shrub fits well into a lush subtropical landscape. It grows best in coastal locations with little frost. This large shrub is useful as a screen and background plant. They can be espaliered along a wall. Hummingbirds love the flowers!

Growth Habit:This sprawling shrub grows up to ten feet tall and wide.

Bloom Time: fall to early spring

Cultural Requirements: Good garden soils that drain well. They require regular watering although they are somewhat drought tolerant once established.

Where at SDBG: Hamilton Children’s Garden (by the office), a white flower variety is along the south wall of Larabee House

Other calliandras can be seen in bloom around the Garden. Calliandra tweedii outside the Walled Garden. Calliandra confusa is at the Mexican Garden and Central American Garden while Baja fairy duster Calliandra californica is the north end of California Gardenscapes and also in the Bird and Butterfly Garden at Hamilton Children’s Garden.

Photos: Rachel Cobb