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Bamboo Garden


Experience the exotic drama of the nation’s largest collection of bamboo.
Marvel at the giant timber bamboo.

California Bamboo Collection Receives NAPCC Accreditation

San Diego Botanic Garden’s (SDBG) extensive bamboo collection—the largest one in a North American public garden—was recently accredited by the North American Plant Collections Consortium. This accreditation designates the collection as a resource for plant identification, cultivar registration, and research. Originating with the founding of the American Bamboo Society at the garden in 1979, the SDBG bamboo collection consists of 121 taxa. These include Asian species and cultivars as well as species from the Himalayas, South America, and Africa. In addition to highlighting bamboo’s ornamental value in gardens, the collection celebrates the plant group’s long history of use by humans and cultural significance. Visit www. sdbgarden.org for more details about the bamboo collection.

News written by Editorial Intern Audrey Harman with Associate Editor Viveka Neveln.
Gardener’s Notebook

Bamboo collection at San Diego Botanic Garden achieves NAPCC Accreditation

APGA is pleased to announce that San Diego Botanic Garden has been awarded NAPCC accreditation for its extensive bamboo collection of 121 taxa, the largest in an American public garden. The origins of this collection are linked to the founding of the American Bamboo Society in the late 1970s. The core of the Garden’s collection emphasizes Asian species and cultivars, with recent additions from the Himalayas, South America, and Africa. A nearly frost-free climate allows a wide range of bamboo taxa to be grown.

Bamboo’s dramatic display value, uses, and cultural significance are highlighted and interpreted throughout the collection. Future plans for the collection focus on drought-tolerant taxa, addressing water conservation concerns in California and further expanding both its ornamental and conservation value.

Plant List

Bambusa textilis Weaver’s Bamboo
Bambusa vulgaris 'Vittata' Painted Bamboo
Brugmansia versicolor Angel’s Trumpet
Dendrocalamus giganteus
Giant Bamboo
Ficus dammeropsis Dinner Plate Fig
Radermachera ignea Tree Jasmine
Russelia equisetiformis Coral Fountain, Firecracker Plant
Ruttya fruticosa Jammy Mouth, Hummingbird Plant
Tecoma stans
Yellow Bells, Yellow Trumpetbush, Esperanza


Banner Photo: Rachel Cobb