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Youth Tours


Important Group Visit Information

Please arrange all group visits (guided and self-guided) at least 30 days in advance by completing the Tour Request Form. Contact Caren Clayton at CClayton@SDBGarden.org to submit your completed tour request from or for questions regarding tours. All group tours must be arranged through the Education Department in order to receive the discounted group rate.

Guided Youth Tours and Programs
General tour (grades 1 through 6)
Students will visit different areas of the garden and will learn basic facts about some of the plants. A usual tour visits the Bamboo Garden, the Subtropical Fruit Garden, the Herb Garden, the Rainforest, the Desert Gardens, and the Mediterranean Garden.

Plant Adaptation (grades 1 through 4)
Students will visit the Desert Garden and the Rainforest and will learn how plants are adapted to their environment. They will compare adaptations to a very dry and sunny climate with adaptations to a shady and wet environment. Students work in small teams to make observations and recordings in a field notebook. Docents are using props to help them understand how these adaptations “work”.

Native Plant Native People (grades 2 through 5)
Students will visit the  Native Plant Native People Trail and will learn about native southern California plants, and how some of these plants were used by Kumeyaay people for food, medicine, building material etc.

Pollinator Program (grades 2 through 5)
Students will learn in hands on activities about the anatomy of flowers and insects, and how plants and pollinators work together. Special emphasis will be put on the importance of pollination for food production. Afterwards, students will make pollinator observations in the garden, while recording their observations in a field notebook. Available April through June.

Guided Youth Tour Reservation
Please contact our Education Manager, Sarah Morgan Sickler, Education Manager, at ssickler@SDBGarden.org  for more detailed information on guided tours and to discuss the specific needs of your students, before booking a guided youth tour. Please contact us at least one month before your planned visit for a guided tour.

Self-Guided Youth Tour
The printable material below was created to help teachers planning for a self-guided tour. The map marks a recommended route with numbers that correspond to pictures and plant facts given in an additional down-loadable file.

Tour Map

Download 11 x 17 Printable Map

Download the 33 page PDF File
Tour Guide with Facts and Photographs

High Resolution 31MB
Low Resolution 4 MB

Picnic Tables

There are tables available on a 1st come, 1st served basis in Seeds of Wonder. The area seats about 48 people. 

If a guaranteed spot is desired or if the group is larger than the area can accommodate, a setup fee for tables and chairs will apply:

Seating for 30 people - $25
Seating for up to 60 people - $50