• Canarina canariensis

Canarina canariensis


Mexican Bush Mallow

Common name: Canary Island Bellflower

Distribution: Native to the cool cloud forests of the Canary Islands

Growth Habit: Sprawling vines featuring bold triangular leaves emerge from tuberous storage roots as the weather cools for fall. During the heat of summer 
C. canariensis
 retreats back to the gnarled and thickened storage tubers underground.

Cultural Requirements: These plants prefer dappled sunlight. Canary Island Bellflower thrives in moderate, slightly humid temperatures - making coastal San Diego an ideal growing location. During the dry summer dormant season too much water can rot the tuberous roots. They’re happiest if kept above 45°. Frost can kill the plant. At SDBG, the shade of Dragon Trees, along with the leaves they drop, protect the Canary Island Bellflower from our hottest or coldest extremes.

Features/Uses: Beautiful bell-shaped flowers emerge in winter. Darker veins give the reddish flowers a pin-striped appearance. Try this plant for those challenging shaded areas that dry out during summer. These vines are not aggressive. Train the vines upright to gain the best appreciation for the downward facing flowers.

Bloom Time: Winter

Where at SDBG: Canary Island Garden (Dracaena grove)

Photos: Rachel Cobb