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Aloe ramosissima


Aloe ramosissima

Common Name: Maiden’s Quiver Tree

Growth Habit: Profusely branching small tree aloe. Grows to several feet high. Leaves and stems are held erect, creating interesting architectural forms. Succulent yellow flowers rise on short spikes above the canopy.

Cultural Requirements: This aloe hails from the arid border region of South Africa and Namibia. This region sometimes goes years without measurable rain, making this aloe exceptionally drought tolerant. These plants do not require nor appreciate water during the summer, when they are essentially dormant. Whether in the ground or in a pot, the soil must have impeccable drainage to avoid rot. Plant can be grown from seed or well-calloused cuttings. May require some protection from the cold depending on your gardening zone.

Features/Uses: Suitable for succulent and rock gardens. Ideal as a specimen plant among other xeriscaping. Makes for a prized potted bonsai specimen. Develops a beautiful “bark” and “trunk.”

Bloom Time: Winter

Where in the Garden: Hamilton Children’s Garden, Future Dickinson Family Education Conservatory


Photos: Tony Gurnoe and Rachel Cobb