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Plumeria, Frangipani


Plumeria, Frangipani

Common Name: Plumeria

Growth Habit: Lush green thick leaves fill the branches of this deciduous large shrub or small tree.

Cultural Requirements: A beautiful flowering favorite often thought of as a native from Hawaii, but originated from Central America, the Caribbean, Mexico, and as far south as Brazil. This plant needs no watering during the winter months but will perform well if watered and fertilized during the growing season. Treat cuttings as you would succulents and give plenty of sun and heat as they grow. Winter hardy down to about 25 degrees Fahrenheit.

Features/Uses: The fragrant flowers of the Plumeria are known making beautiful Hawaiian necklaces and headpieces. The shrub can be used in border plantings, specimen plants, performs well in containers. The fragrant white flowers attract butterflies.

Bloom Time: Early spring through fall. Colors range from yellow, red, pink, white, orange, and combinations of the above.

Where in the Garden: Central America Garden near the Lawn House and at the Hamilton Children’s Garden.

Photos: Rachel Cobb