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Fuchsia paniculata


Fuchsia paniculata

Common Name: Shrubby Fuchsia

Distribution: Native to Mexico and Panama

Growth Habit: Tender perennial shrub with lush green leaves growing from 8-14 feet tall and 8 wide.

Cultural Requirements: This shrub prefers full to part sun near the coast and part sun to light shade inland. Fuchsia paniculata prefers average regular watering and can tolerate temperatures down to about 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Propagated by seed or cuttings.

Uses/Features: Great lush shrub for perennial boarder plantings with profuse beautiful mauve-pink flower clusters in late winter to spring. Good for containers or pruned up as a very small tree. Edible fruit.

Bloom Time: Late winter to early spring

Where at SDBG: Lawn Garden near gazebo

Photos: Rachel Cobb