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Euphorbia pulcherrima


Euphorbia pulcherrima

Common Name: Garden Poinsettia

Growth Habit: This large sprawling semi-evergreen shrub or small tree grows well with full sun to part shade and reaches to a height of about 10’ tall and 6’ to 8’ wide.

Cultural Requirements: Native to tropical and sub-tropical areas of Mexico and Guatemala. Here in San Diego it is hardy to about 30-32 degrees Fahrenheit but can survive with die-back at temperatures down into the low 20s.

Features/Uses: Distinguishing red bracts are easily recognized as the flower of this popular Christmas favorite known as the Poinsettia. The landscape species can be planted as a border planting, accent plant, or even a small tree.

Bloom Time: Late fall to early winter Where in the Garden: Mexican Garden and Ecke Building landscape

Photos: Rachel Cobb