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Asclepias curassavica


Asclepias curassavica

Common Name: Tropical Milkweed

Growth Habit: Tender herbaceous perennial to 2-4’tall with narrow upwrite green leaves.

Cultural Requirements: Full sun, medium water requirements, does well in most well-draining soils, andtolerates temperatures down to freezing for the foliage, and about 15 degrees Fahrenheit for the root zone. Propagate from seeds or cuttings.

Features/Uses: Attracts butterflies! This is the host plant for the Monarch Butterfly, providing a food source for the caterpillars as they emerge from the eggs laid on the Milkweed by the adult butterfly. Attractive clusters of red, orange, and yellow flowers also provide a nectar source for butterflies and attractive in border plantings or containers.

Bloom Time: Spring to fall

Where in the Garden: Birds & Butterflies Garden

Photos: Rachel Cobb