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Distictis ‘Rivers’


Rhus lentii
Common Name: Royal Trumpet Vine

Growth Habit: This fast growing evergreen vine reaches 30’ or more. It supports itself with strong tendrils that twist around branches and trellises.

Cultural Requirements:
The Royal Trumpet Vine prefers full sun and plenty of room to grow. It comes to us from Mexico, winter hardy down to about 20 degrees Fahrenheit, and a prolific bloomer during the warm weather months. It requires medium watering.

Features/Uses: It produces many trumpet-shaped lavender flowers and lush green foliage that can attract birds and butterflies. It is a great choice for a large fence where the tendrils can spiral and support its branches.

Bloom Time: Spring and Summer

Where in the Garden: Walled Garden

Photos: Rachel Cobb and Nick Ruddick