Radermachera ignea

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Radermachera ignea

Constancea nevinii

Constancea nevinii (Formerly known as Eriophyllum nevinii)

Common Name: Wooly Sunflower, Catalina Silverlace

Growth Habit: This perennial has silver-grey dense foliage with a moderate to fast growth rate
ranging from 4-6’ tall and wide.

Cultural Requirements: This rare plant originated in the Santa Barbara Channel islands and prefers full sun.
Constancea nevinii is drought tolerant once established, does well in most well-draining soils, and tolerates temperatures down to about 25 degrees Fahrenheit.

Features/Uses: The Wooly Sunflower has fine-textured silver foliage and striking yellow flowers in the early summer. It is great for xeric landscaping and contrasts well with other plants when used in border plantings.

Bloom Time: Early Summer

Where in the Garden: California Gardenscapes and New World Desert Garden


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Photos: Rachel Cobb