Coreopsis gigantean

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Coreopsis gigantea (Synonym: Leptosyne gigantea)

Common Name: Giant Coreopsis

Growth Habit: Woody herbaceous summer-deciduous perennial. The thickened trunk reaches 4-6 feet and supports lush green foliage contrasting to bright yellow daisy-like flowers from late winter to mid-spring.

Cultural Requirements: They require well-drained soils with little to no water in the summer. Hardy down to about 25 degrees Fahrenheit it prefers full sun and coastal conditions.

Features/Uses: Unique in form, the Giant Coreopsis should be planted with other plants that have the same low summer water requirements.

Bloom Time: Late winter to early spring

Where in the Garden: California Gardenscapes

Russelia equisetiformis

Giant Coreopsis Dormant

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