• Spathodea campanulata

Spathodea campanulata


Spathodea campanulata

Common Name: African Tulip Tree

Growth Habit: medium-sized tree with rounded form

Cultural Requirements: These trees should be grown in largely frost-free areas with regular water. Provide as much sun as possible for best blooming

Features/Uses: African tulip trees are considered one of the best flowering trees in the world. Spectacular orange-red flower clusters are produced at the ends of branches. The large blooms are shaped like tulips. They are filled with nectar, enjoyed by hummingbirds. A yellow flower form is also sometimes available.

These trees are wonderful specimen trees for tropical-style landscapes. They are deciduous during the winter, but have lush compound leaves the rest of the year.

Bloom Time: late summer early fall

Where in the Garden: African Garden above the Lawn Garden

Photos: Rachel Cobb