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Melaleuca linariifolia


Melaleuca linariifolia

Common Name:

Eastern Australia

Growth Habit:
The juvenile form of this tree has a willowy appearance and needs staking until the trunk firms up. The mature tree reaches 30 feet tall and 20 feet wide and is evergreen with fine green leaves.

Cultural Requirements:  Very tolerant tree that can handle poor soils, salt air, and cold temperatures. It is drought tolerant once established, but will also handle regular water.

Features/Uses: The tree is striking in bloom with profuse small, white, bottlebrush-like blooms. When it is covered in blooms it is apparent how it got its common name. Even when not in bloom its form is attractive, and it’s whitish, papery bark makes it inviting to touch. Since it can handle regular water it is a good candidate for a lawn or street tree.

Bloom Time:  Summer, usually June

Where at SDBG:  Our 45 year old specimen is in the Australian Garden close to the main parking lot.

Photos: Rachel Cobb
and Michelle Kinney