• Echium simplex

Echium simplex


Echium simplex

Common Name: Tower of Jewels

Growth Habit: Tower of Jewels are perennials with long elegant leaves which grow around a central stalk.
The tall, elegant bloom spikes grow upright up to 6-9 feet tall.

Cultural Requirements:  These plants tolerate wind and salt air so they are suitable for coastal growing.  They tolerate some frost to about 30 degrees.  Place them in full sun or partial shade. They have low to moderate water needs so they grow well in dry conditions once they are established.

Features/Uses: Tower of Jewels have tall elegant white bloom spikes that add drama in any garden. When several plants are massed together the stunning effect is multiplied. Even when they aren’t in bloom the foot long foliage is very attractive. Use them primarily for foliage effects, as they don’t bloom every year. But, when in bloom they are spectacles. All echiums are great nectar sources for butterflies and hummingbirds.

Bloom Time: Late spring to early summer

Where at SDBG: Canary Island Garden

Photos: Rachel Cobb
and Sally Sandler