• Stenocarpus sinuata

Stenocarpus sinuata


Firewheel Stenocarpus sinuata

Common Name: Firewheel Tree

Growth Habit: Firewheel trees are upright small trees, up to 25-30’ tall.

Cultural Requirements: These trees like regular watering and good, well draining soils. Although they grow well in coastal areas they don’t like salt spray.

Features/Uses:The three-inch, orange-red flowers are spectacular in form, resembling the spokes of a wheel. Clusters of blooms are even more very showy. The leathery, evergreen foliage is attractive with young trees producing large lobed leaves, while older trees have smaller foliage without lobes. These trees are useful as screens and backdrops in the garden. They are slow growing.

Bloom Time: Although bloom is greatest in the fall and winter flowers may bloom any time of the year.

Where in the Garden: Australian Garden


Photos: Rachel Cobb and Herb Knufken