• Giant Dutchman’s Pipe

Aristolochia gigantea


Aristolochia gigantea

Common Name: Giant Dutchman’s Pipe, Giant Pelican Flower

Growth Habit: Large twining vine

Cultural Requirements: Giant Dutchman’s Pipe grows best in full sun. It likes regular watering and is tolerant of most soils. The plants can be damaged at temperatures in the mid twenties.

Features/Uses: These vines have huge, oversized blooms, which get lots of attention over much of the summer season. The purplish. mottled blooms have an enlarged bladder or pouch floral structure which gives its other common name of pelican flower. The flowers to many are more bizarre and unusual than beautiful, but certainly are conversation pieces. Unlike some other related species, which have flowers that smell like aged roadkill, each flower has a lemon fragrance for a day.

Another attractive feature is the heart-shaped evergreen foliage.

Bloom Time: through the summer

Where in the Garden: Herb Garden


Photos: Rachel Cobb