• Primrose Tree

Lagunaria patersonii


Lagunaria patersonii

Common Name: Primrose Tree

Growth Habit: Young trees have an upright habit when young and later develop a spreading form with age. The trees are slow growing, but can reach over fifty feet tall in many years.

Cultural Requirements: Primrose trees grow best in full sun and are tolerant of most soils, high heat, and salt. The trees can be damaged at 25 degrees F.

Features/Uses: Primrose trees have abundant pink flowers over much of the summer season. Related to hibiscus, the pink petals encircle a column of yellow anthers. Another attractive feature is the tree’s two-tone evergreen foliage, which is dark green on the upper side of the leaf and light green on the underside. They are also known as Cow Itch trees because the seedpods have fibers within them, which can be irritating to skin and eyes.

Bloom Time: from late spring through summer

Where in the Garden: Australian Garden


Photos: Rachel Cobb and Herb Knufken and Sally Sandler