• x Chiranthomontia lenzii

x Chiranthomontia lenzii


x Chiranthomontia lenzii

Common Name: Hybrid Monkey Hand Tree

Growth Habit: large shrub or small tree to 25 or more feet tall and 20 feet wide.

Cultural Requirements: This large shrub likes full sun, good drainage, and is quite drought tolerant.

Features/Uses: This hybrid of the Mexican Monkey Hand Tree and the California native flannel bush (or fremontodendron or fremontia) has large, showy flowers that are spectacular in spring and early summer. The plant is quite large and fast growing, reaching 20’ tall by 15’ wide in only three years. This hybrid resembles a very large fremontia or fremontodendron, but is much easier to grow as it is much more tolerant of summer watering. Hummingbirds and orioles are attracted to the copious nectar.

Bloom Time: The flowers bloom over a long time in spring and early summer.

Where in the Garden: Hamilton Children’s Garden above the Tree House


Photos: Rachel Cobb and Herb Knufken