• Spear Lily

Doryanthes palmeri


Doryanthes palmeri

Common Name: Spear Lily

Growth Habit: These giant herbaceous perennials have sword-like evergreen leaves that are 6-10 feet long.

Cultural Requirements: Although somewhat drought tolerant, spear lilies like regular water and soils with some organic matter that drain well. They are tolerant of light shade and can grow in full sun, especially along the coast. They are slow growing so they take a few years to mature to blooming size.

Features/Uses: The large size and evergreen foliage make spear lilies spectacular specimen plants even without blooms. The upright flower spikes can be 6-10 feet tall with red flower clusters.

Bloom Time: early spring to early summer

Where in the Garden: Australian Garden

Photos: Rachel Cobb and Herb Knufken