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Mission Statement


"To inspire people of all ages to connect

with plants and nature."



Enable Learning – Enable people to learn about plants and food sources and their vital role in our lives and in the natural environment.

Promote Environmental Stewardship – Cultivate a sense of urgency for the stewardship of our environment.

Conservation – Conserve rare and endangered plants and their ecosystems to preserve biodiversity.

Plant Introduction and Cultivation – Collect and propagate beautiful, fascinating and / or significant plants and display them in attractive gardens for recreation and learn.

Provide an Urban Oasis – Create a peaceful setting for people to experience beauty and the healing power of nature.

Nurture our Wildlife Sanctuary – Encourage and foster the presence of indigenous wildlife.

Preserve our Legacy – Honor our heritage by preserving historic plantings and structures and building on our heritage of engaged volunteers.

Foster a Visitor Centric Experience – Offer fun and friendly community gathering spaces to foster delight and curiosity.

We accomplish these goals through:

  • Growing strong ties to community
  • Ensuring sound and strong financial health
  • Fostering and growing effective fund raising
  • Enhancing leadership and management skills and learning
  • Recruiting strong team members with vision and passion for the garden

Accepted by the Board of Trustees September 26, 2016

Mission Statement