• Kumeyaay Ethnobotany

Lecture & Book Signing



Spend an evening with:
Michael Wilken-Robertson
Author of “Kumeyaay Ethnobotany”

Wednesday, April 17
7 – 9 pm
Ecke Building

Anthropologist Michael Wilken-Robertson speaks on the fascinating world of northern Baja California’s original peoples and their descendants, whose profound knowledge of the land has sustained them from ancient times to the present. A book signing will follow the talk.

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Kumeyaay Ethnobotany

About the Book:
Kumeyaay Ethnobotany explores the remarkable interdependence between native peoples and native plants of the Californias through in-depth descriptions of 47 native plants and their uses, lively narratives, and hundreds of vivid photographs. It connects the archaeological and historical record with living cultures and native plant specialists who share their ever-relevant wisdom for future generations.

Anthropologist Michael Wilken-Robertson

About the Author:
Anthropologist Michael Wilken-Robertson’s research and advocacy work with Native Baja Californians has explored traditional arts (pottery, basketry, oral narratives, and song), ethnobotany, history, languages, and cultural landscapes of the indigenous peoples of the northern Baja California region. He has developed lifelong collaborative relationships with native artists and traditional authorities to foster cultural revitalization and sustainable community development.

Wilken-Robertson’s fascination with native plants and the natural landscapes of the California regions has inspired him to explore the many ways that humans have interacted with their environments, from the ancient past into the present.

Wilken-Robertson currently teaches in the anthropology department at California State University, San Marcos.