Ladybug Day 2015
April 16

Children are invited to join docent-guided ladybug search teams through the garden and learn about ladybugs and other insects that live in our backyards. The Boo Hoo Crew will provide family-friendly live entertainment in the Eucalyptus Grove. Children can participate in insect-related craft activities and show off their favorite bug costume.
We will release hundreds of ladybugs at the end of the event. The San Dieguito Garden club will help children create beautiful flower arrangements to take home, and the Solana Center for Environmental Information will teach children about the joys of worm composting in a hands-on demonstration.

Cost: Free with paid admission or membership.
Small fee for some crafts.


Lady Bug Day
Photos: John Bryant and Diana Goforth

Lady Bugs
Photos: Herb Knufkin • Lady Bug Day 2009

Fun Fact about Ladybugs

Lieutenant Ladybug leads the troops against the Aphid Army
Aphids are tiny insects that damage plants. Ladybug beetles are a great natural defense against aphids because one ladybug can eat 100-150 aphids in a day.

Are Ladybugs always red with black spots? No way. Some are black with red spots. Some have no spots and some are yellow. We even found blue ones at the San Diego Botanic Garden.

Do ladybugs always look like ladybugs?
Other ladybugs would always recognize them, but when they are eggs or larva stage they look very different from the adult stage we all know. The eggs look like tiny yellow bowling pins and the larva stage looks like a tiny black alligator. Don’t use pesticides to control aphids. You could be killing a ladybug, your garden’s best friend.

Do all Ladybugs Look Alike?
There are thousands of different kinds of ladybugs in the world and over 150 different kinds just in the United States. Check out the pictures of three different kinds of ladybugs found on just one vegetable plant in the Hamilton Children’s Garden.

Lady Bugs

Above Photos: Susanne Brueckner
Banner Photo: Rachel Cobb