Endangered Plant List

Endangered Plants

Preserving existing natural areas at the San Diego Botanic Garden is very important. The Garden is located in Encinitas, California within a mile of the coast. There are approximately eleven acres of natural areas and restored natural areas in the Garden. The local southern maritime chaparral and coastal sage scrub plant communities are some of the nation’s most endangered vegetation types as they are small in size and restricted to coastal areas. Over the past century these Southern California coastal areas have been in high demand for urban development.


Golden Barrel Cactus  
African Cycad  
Hawaiian hibiscus  
‘Olulu Palm Brighamia insignis   
Wollemia nobilis  
Aloe pillansii  
Mahonia nevinii  
Baccharis vanessae  
SDBG Class  
Hibiscus insularis  
SDBG Class  
Orcutt’s Hazardia  
Rosa minutifolia  

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Photos: Rachel Cobb