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Endangered Plants


Endangered Plants

Hibiscus insularis

Common Name: Phillip Island Hibiscus

Origin/Habitat: Phillip Island off the Coast of Australia.

Threats: Grazing.

Current Status: Critically Endangered

Description: This rare hibiscus grows only on Phillip Island, off the coast of Australia. It is a large shrub that grows up to 8 feet with beautiful purple flowers. As of 2003, there were less than 50 mature individuals on the island, which is up from only 8 located in 1963. Already a rare plant, this species was nearly lost from grazing when feral pigs, goats and rabbits were introduced to the island. Those animals have since been eradicated, and seedlings are now seen growing near the parent plants. To aid in the efforts to conserve this plant, this species is also grown in botanic gardens in case there is further habitat loss.

Hazardia orcutiiThe coast of Philip Island . Public Domain


Photos: Rachel Cobb