San Diego Botanic Garden


Lisa Chaddock has studied the local food plants of San Diego County for many years, currently teaching Physical Geography at Cuyamaca College and San Diego City College. Specializing in the cultural ecology of the Kumeyaay, Ms. Chaddock has researched both the ethnobotany and parmacopaea of the earliest residents of San Diego County. Ms. Chaddock has compiled “Cooking with Native Plants” using local plants, some of which she will prepare as part of her demonstration.

Cindy Christ is an herbalist, soapmaker, naturalist, and educator. As owner of Following Seasons Botanicals, she brings a traveling apothecary to the local farmers markets and garden festivals, offers herbal information and a variety of presentations. A lifelong student of wise women traditions, Cindy has herbal experience through both personal and formal methods of training. She is an active member of the American Herbalist Guild, The San Diego Herb Club, Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild, Soapmaking Historical Guild of San Diego and the National Association of Interpretation.

Rosalind Creasy, our honored guest, is a garden and food writer, photographer, and landscape designer with a passion for beautiful vegetables and ecologically sensitive gardening. She began her career in horticulture in the 1970s as a landscape designer and restaurant consultant. By 1982 she had published her first book, The Complete Book of Edible Landscaping, which won the Garden Writers Association’s Quill and Trowel award, was chosen as a Book of the Month selection, and hailed by The Wall Street Journal as the best garden book of 1982. Considered a classic, it coined the term “Edible Landscaping,” now a part of the American vocabulary. Her latest book is a complete update, now called Edible Landscaping (2010). Recently, Rosalind was awarded a 2011 American Horticulture Society Book Award for Edible Landscaping. She resides in Northern California. She will give a presentation for us at 1 pm both days.

Scott Daigre is the owner of PowerPlant Garden Design (Ojai, CA) and producer/owner of TOMATOMANIA! He is also a published author and educator who has been featured in numerous gardening and lifestyle publications and is a frequent guest on radio and TV programs across the country.

Mary Dralle, a former chemist and wandering chef, explains and shows you the science of your kitchen. Come taste the experiment, Rose Pesto Pasta—cooking food with a floral flavor.

Karen England grew up working at her cousin’s Encinitas nursery, Sunshine Gardens. She is on the International Herb Association board and can be found at

Mary Friestedt, a docent at SDBG since 2001 and currently co-chair of the Tour Guides, teaches English to speakers of other languages at Mesa College and shares her enthusiasm for plants on tours as often as possible.

Philip J. Goscienski, M.D. is a retired Navy Captain and retired Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at the UCSD School of Medicine. He writes a weekly newspaper column, “The Stone Age Doc.” His book, Health Secrets of the Stone Age, has won three national and local awards.

Shana Lipner Grover is a Certified Herbalist and Health Educator, and has been working with plant medicine and nutrition for 15 years. She teaches numerous classes in SD and Orange county on herbal medicine and nutrition with Healing Hands School of Holistic Health. She completed four herbal apprenticeship study programs throughout the west, including Michael Moores’ Southwest School of Botanical Medicine. Shana offers plant walks, teaching about local, native and medicinal plants. She has a clinical practice in North SD Co. with a focus on empowering people and their health through nutrition, lifestyle, and herbal medicine.

Margarat Nee is an herbalist for dogs, and a member of the American Herbalist Guild. Her business, The Art of Dog, provides wellness care for dogs that includes herbal foods along with acupressure, flower essences, reiki, and advice on natural nutrition—all intended to complement veterinary care and empower owners to care for their dogs (and themselves) more holistically.

John Noble has 25 years of herbal gardening experience. He does garden design and landscaping services (Coastal Sage Gardening) and educates children about plants (Botany for Kids). He is co-founder of In Harmony Herbs & Spices.

Chef Elizabeth Podsiadlo Mother, wife, chef, teacher and musician, Chef Elizabeth is the author of two, published cooking novels which contain aspects of mystery, the macabre and of course delicious recipes. She teaches cooking classes at SDBG, in Mission Valley and soon at the Salerno Winery in Ramona and, during the summer months, on the East coast. Sharing her culinary knowledge and a little bit of Opera with both new and experienced cooks and music lovers is her passion. She is currently filming her own cooking show which is available through public access television and has appeared on KPBS’s program “These Days.” She is a regular guest on San Diego Channel Six’s “San Diego Living,” where she shares recipes and information on upcoming events in San Diego.

Luna Rose is a highly acclaimed herbal lecturer and practicing herbalist. Luna has 25 years of teaching experience. She conducts workshops on a wide range of herbal topics including the culinary and medicinal uses of herbs. She has taught at local colleges, the International Herb Symposium, the New England Women's Herbal Conference, the Golden Door, and Rancho La Puerta. Luna is known for her love and commitment to the world of herbs.

Dennis Sharmahd has been leading herb walks for 30 years. He also designs edible landscapes with herbs, vegetables, and fruit trees.

Anne Spindel, a graduate of the Docent class 2003, is a past docent society chair, and current tour guide chair. She is a past trustee of the San Diego Botanic Garden board and an original member of the Herb Garden beautification team. Anne is a physical therapist, language teacher, and teacher for a non-profit program of interactive learning called “Talk About Trees.” A Carlsbad resident since 1989, she is a mother of three.

Charolotte Tenney, with over 25 years of experience with healing herbs, is an active member of the American Herbalist Guild and San Diego Herb Club. She has a Master’s degree in Integrative Health and offers group presentations and personal consulting on intergrative health strategies.