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Matt Devine

Matt Devine

Artist Name: Matt Devine

Title of Piece #1: Cradle, 2011

Media: steel with patina

Dimensions: 72"H x 72"W x 12"D

Retail Price: $18,500 + tax

Artist’s Statement: Cradle is comprised of over one thousand pieces welded together in a seamless circular shape. The significance of Cradle’s arrangement is to represent many of nature’s components working cohesively to form the endless and ever changing circle of life.

Matt Devine

Title of Piece #2: Twelve Hundred Degrees

Media: aluminum painted red

Dimensions: 92"H x 52"W x 38"D

Retail Price:
$24,000 + tax

Artist’s Statement:
Twelve Hundred Degrees has many identical curved panels welded together in an organic arrangement. The overall aesthetic of this piece is meant to be reminiscent of fire or flames.

Artist’s Bio: Matt Devine is an exceptional metal sculptor and self-taught artist. He began honing his metal fabrication skills in 1995 and transitioned to full-time sculpting in 2001. His nonrepresentational sculptures are known for their clean and harmonizing aesthetic, which often seem to defy gravity. Devine’s artwork is seamless and evokes weightlessness, yet is fabricated using heavy metals such as steel, aluminum and bronze. Repetition of form and placement in minimalist patterns creates a sense of balance and harmony in his work.

Devine’s sculpture is currently on display at highly-regarded art galleries across the country. His creations can be viewed in public entities and private collections ranging from Los Angeles to New York and international private collections in Australia, Canada, England, Hong Kong, and Thailand.

Devine was born in Salem, Massachusetts. He currently works and resides in San Diego, California with his wife, Morgan, and their daughter, Mollie.



Photos: Heather Main, SDBG Staff