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Jon Koehler

Jon Koehler

Artist Name: Jon Koehler

Title of Piece: Pinion

Media: stainless steel, carbon steel, kinetic

Dimensions: 156”H x 30”W x 10”D

Retail Price: $25,000 + tax

Artist’s Statement: Inspired by the flight feather of a seabird, ‘Pinion’ curves upward to the sky as it rotates on a vertical axis. With simplicity, this organic shape reflects the surrounding environment to open our soul to peace and tranquility.

Artist’s Bio: Jon Koehler was born September 8, 1966 in San Diego, California. He has been creating one-of-a-kind kinetic sculptures ranging in size from 30 inches to 30 feet tall. He has had many public art exhibits in San Diego, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and New York.

Jon is the son of a successful boat designer/builder and craftsman. He grew up in his father’s boat yard, where he had the opportunity to work side by side with him. At a young age, he learned woodworking, metalworking and eventually developed into a skilled craftsman. As his talents progressed, he began applying his technical expertise to what interested him most—artistic endeavors.

Jon still resides in San Diego, focusing on his artistic works. His sculptures incorporate a unique sense of fluidity and kinetic elements. They appear to have a life of their own as they move in a slow, tranquil motion. Jon has been exhibiting his work throughout his local community as well as internationally.



Photo: Heather Main, SDBG Staff