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John McDavid

Becky Guttin

Artist Name: John McDavid

Title of Piece: Treevolution

Media: steel

Dimensions: 6'6"H x 13'W x 4'D

Retail Price: $12,800 + tax

Artist’s Statement: As a visionary sculptor, John finds inspiration from organic realism and transforms it into today’s New Century Modern style. He bridges the gap between the natural environment and current technology by letting the two complement each other.

Artist’s Bio: With no formal education in fine art, John is primarily self-taught. His first passion is finding the essence of design using the free form of metal, although he enjoys complementing his designs with other media like stone, glass, and wood. The ancient art of hand-forged metalsmithing brings a fluid style to John’s work not often seen in modern design—capturing movement in the moment and using negative space as a new way of looking at his subjects. He finds inspiration in nature, music, diverse world art, collaboration with artist friends, and one of his favorite pastimes—day dreaming. He has established an eclectic taste ranging from an organic surrealism to the clean lines of today’s New Century Modern movement.

As a professional designer and sculptor, John has expressed his talent in everything from sculpture, furniture, jewelry, to water features. He has no boundaries in designing and welcomes each challenge as an opportunity to expand. His vision is to create a timeless style using classic materials and craftsmanship that people will enjoy on all levels.


Photo: Heather Main, SDBG Staff