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John Dunn

Madelynne Engle

Artist Name: John Dunn

Title of Piece: Lantern

Media: ceramic and copper trim

Dimensions: 7'H x 2'2"W x 2'2"D

Retail Price: $9,500 + tax

Artist’s Statement: Panel 1, “Window to the Future” (top left); “Sunshine a New Dawning”(top right). Panel 2, “The Wave and Surfer,” Hawaiian memories (center); “Homage to Pythagoras” (lower left); “Leaping Fish” Native American design (lower right). Panel 3, “An Incredible Year on Maui” (center), design based on Plumeria.

Artist’s Bio: John Dunn studied at the Minneapolis School of Art, Kansas City Art Institute and the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He has been an Assistant Professor of ceramics at Durham University in England and at St. Mary’s College in South Bend, Indiana.

John was responsible for prototype designs at a large manufacturer in Pennsylvania. He designed for all phases of production, ram pressing, slip casting and pneumatic hand pressing. He owned a ceramics workshop in Boulder, Colorado and designed and built a 200 cubic ft. walk-in kiln. He produced large carved pots, planters, tile and ceramic sculptures for annual shows and summer workshops. John was invited to help develop pottery/crafts at Touchstone Gallery in Maui, Hawaii. He also apprenticed four years in an auto machine shop where he gained familiarity with turning, boring and forging.



Photo: Rachel Cobb