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Jerry Dumlao

Jerry Dumlao

Artist Name: Jerry Dumlao

Title of Piece #1: Bronze Disk

Media: cast bronze

Dimensions: 34" Diameter

Retail Price: $5,000 + tax

Artist’s Statement: This bronze disk was created when I was a graduate student at the Cranbrook Academy of Art. It was the first sculpture that I created in the form of a disk and because of this it has always been a favorite of mine.

Jerry Dumlao

Title of Piece #2:
Sacred Circle

Media: aluminum disk

Dimensions: 7.5' diameter

Retail Price: $6,000 + tax

Artist’s Statement: This fabricated aluminum sculpture is another example of my interest in the disk form. It is typical of all of my sculptures, less about a specific narrative and more about a point of departure for the viewer’s interpretation.

Artist’s Bio: In 1959, after completing a four year tour of duty in the US Navy, I used my GI Bill benefits to enroll as an art student at the Cleveland Institute of Art. After five years in Cleveland I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a major in Sculpture and a minor in Ceramics. With the encouragement of my ceramics teacher, Toshiko Takaezu, I immediately applied and was accepted into the Graduate Program at the Cranbrook Academy of Art. In 1966, I graduated from Cranbrook with a Master’s Degree in Fine Art. That same year, I applied for and received a position as an instructor in the Art Department at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan. I taught sculpture at Western Michigan University for eleven years when in 1977 I applied for a position in the Art Department of San Diego State University. I taught sculpture at SDSU for 21 years until I retired in 1999. My expertise, for all of my years of teaching, has been the creation of sculpture through metal casting and or metal fabrication.

The one major sculpture in the public arena that I am particularly proud of is the sculpture created in tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This work was created through a commission awarded by the Center City Development Corporation of San Diego. The concept and the execution of the sculpture was a collaborative effort by Tama Dumlao, Mary Lynn Dominguez, and myself. The sculpture is a thirteen-foot-high cast bronze column titled “Shedding the Cloak” and it is installed at the western terminus of the Martin Luther King Promenade in downtown San Diego.

In retirement I continue to pursue my creative ideas in sculpture. But, as age has a way of slowing us all down, I am increasingly finding it necessary to make my sculpture on a more modest scale. At these times I am encouraged by the truth in the statement that “big is not necessarily better.”


Photos: Heather Main, SDBG Staff