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Madelynne Engle

Madelynne Engle

Artist Name: Madelynne Engle

Title of Piece: Rainforest, A Love Story

Media: stone, cement, resin, wood

Dimensions: 85"H, 21"W, 21"D

Retail Price: $24,000 + tax

Artist’s Statement:
“Rainforest, A Love Story” was conceived in the same way a story evolves…as it is revisited over time. Linger, and the characters emerge from the embedded words and texture like fragments of vines weaving through overhead branches.

Artist’s Bio: Born, schooled and married in the mid-west, teaching high school and college outside of St. Louis while raising three children, Madelynne Engle was selected to represent the state of Missouri for national tours during America’s Bi-Centennial, and was selected by “La Review Moderne” as one of the top five young American artists in 1974. Her art underwent a major transformation with her move to California in 1978. From a classical training in portraiture, landscape and sculpture, Engle moved to monoprints and contemporary sculpture and painting during the 1980s. She taught and served on the Board for SDSU’s Extension School, and renovated a 42,000 sq. ft. warehouse in San Diego for 48 artists. She has taken awards in sculpture, painting, graphics, portraiture, collage and multimedia. Her work is in private and corporate collections from New Zealand to France, including the Hilton Collection, Bank of America, E.F. Hutton, Monsanto, and the U.S. Embassy in Rome. Engle is a Guest Lecturer and Master Teacher in liquid metals and patinas for the California Art Educators Association. She serves as Artist in Residence for the Leadership Institute, National Art Educators Association in Sandy Pointe, Maine.

Engle maintains her studio in Fallbrook, including four acres of sculpture paths with over 100 contemporary and conceptual works in bronze, cement, fiberglass and mixed media, many with sound and water elements.



Photo: Rachel Cobb