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Dan Peragine

Jon Koehler and Neil Shigley

Artist Name: Dan Peragine

Title of Piece:

Media: painted marine plywood

Dimensions: 8'H x 8'W x 4'D

Retail Price: $15,000 + tax

Artist’s Statement: This work integrates figurative form and works on the play of opposing positive and negative shapes completing human figures. Color is an integral element as it relates to emotion. This sculpture is inspired by the late ideas of Transpersonal psychology.

Artist’s Bio: Dan Peragine began carving stone in 1975. Monolithic stone carving became his paramount means of expression. His drawings and paintings are explorations for his three-dimensional works in stone, steel, bronze and mixed media sculptures. Today, surrealistic landscapes set the stage for Peragine to explore his plastic form and constructivist ideas influenced by early 20th century Modernist artists.

Dan has 38 years of experience as an Artist and Art Educator. As a commissioned artist he has made works for local municipalities and state government, as well as private and corporate entities. He designs, implements and evaluates programs to facilitate the adjustment, achievement, retention and career planning for students ensuring a fine art career. He has expertise in teaching life drawing, mixed media drawing, composition, color theory, painting, 2-D and 3-D design, sculpture, and ceramics, as well as mold making, wood working, stone carving, welding, bronze casting.



Photo: Heather Main, SDBG Staff