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Peter Mitten

Peter Mitten

Artist Name: Peter Mitten

Title of Piece: Cloud 7

Media: fabricated aluminum, painted steel

Dimensions: 36"H x 60"W x 36"D

Retail Price: $3,200 + tax

Artists’s Statement: A relationship of parts to the “whole” … Modular units (hexagons and pentagons) are grouped to offer “cellular” structuring. Various layers of polyhedron sections imply cloudy, layered dynamics…

Artists’s Bio: Over the years of looking at landforms and solid masses, cliff faces, and mountain slopes, my attention turned to the clouds that bring water to southern California. Therefore less casting and more fabrication has happened in recent work. I have made it an objective to include space as a major element in visual design of the structures. The relationship of parts to the whole, and the microscopic imagery of cellular and molecular structure, impress me. The pattern of organization toward unity is a theme. The spaces between individual modules, as well as the material characteristics of the modules themselves, are vitally important to the patterns of structure.


Photo: Nick Ruddick