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Elon Ebanks

Elon Ebanks

Artist Name: Elon Ebanks

Title of Piece: Flower from Mars

Media: mild steel

Dimensions: 40"H x 52 ½"W x 19"D

Retail Price: $2,200 + tax

Artists’s Statement: This sculpture is my interpretation of what a flower would look like on Mars.

Artists’s Bio:
Elon grew up close to the sea on the tiny island of Cayman Brac in the Caribean. As a boy, he would pick baby sea turtles off the beach when the storms dislodged them from their sandy nests, bring them home and take care of them until they were strong enough to return to the sea, usually after about a year. Originally drawn to art to immortalize the sea creatures he loved since his youth in 16-gauge metal sculptures, Elon quickly expanded to create a multiplicity of sculptural forms.

The power and beauty of the natural world characterize Elon’s artworks, which he executes in many metals, from titanium to bronze. Creating one-of-a-kind art in a variety of styles, he makes abstract sculptures and realistic marine life reliefs, as well as a variety of custom work for clients’ homes, offices, and businesses.

Elon’s art evolves from his involvement with life. When he heard about a landlord in his town who trimmed the trees on his property knowing it was nesting season, the sculptor’s outrage took form in an abstract sculpture called “The Wounded Birds of Solana Beach,” an homage to the baby birds that died.

Clearly showing the influence of sculptors Alexander Calder, Eduardo Chilida, and Jim Hubbell, Elon’s abstract constructions are the result of a continual process of growth, drawing upon over 25 years of experience working with exotic metals.

In addition to his signature sea life sculptures, Elon also creates abstract works on a regular basis. Constantly experimenting, he says no work could ever duplicate another. The joy of the artistic process remains his sole motivation.

Elon has exhibited his work widely throughout Southern California in both group and solo exhibitions. He has had innumerable articles published about himself and his work and been the subject of several television interviews. He has worked for Habitat for Humanity, been the President of the San Diego Art Institute, and currently serves on the Board of Directors for the San Diego Museum of Art Artists Guild.


Photo: Michelle Kinney