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John Dupree

John Dupree

Artist Name: John Dupree

Title of Piece: Seahorses on Coral

Media: copper plate on steel

Dimensions: 40"H x 24"W x 12"D

Retail Price: $1,800 + tax

Artists’s Statement: I carve these from solid steel with an electric arc. I like the texture it leaves and how the piece reveals itself during the work.

Artists’s Bio: I’m a local artist from Encinitas with a primary background and business in structural steel fabrication (radio towers). I love activities that require total focus. This would include hang-gliding, racing motorcycles, and art.

The fulfilling aspect for me of making art is allowing the process itself to help guide the final result. Limitations of materials, unplanned “mistakes”, and on-the-fly decisions often result in a piece that both surprises and pleases me.


Photo: Nick Ruddick