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Neal Bociek and Tiffany Bociek

Neal Bociek and Tiffany Bociek

Artist Name: Neal Bociek and Tiffany Bociek

Title of Piece # 1: Grandfather Clock

Media: steel, brass

Dimensions: 10'H x 21"W x 21"D

Retail Price: $1,200 + tax

Artists’s Statement: This whimsical, brightly colored sculpture suggests a ticking of time. It was used in a one-minute video with a garden spigot running wide open while the clock was ticking. The suggestion is a conscientiousness toward water conservation.

Here is the link to the video:


Neal Bociek and Tiffany Bociek

Title of piece # 2: Landsailer

Media: steel

7'H x 30"W x 16"D

Retail Price:
$1,500 + tax

Artists’s Statement: This steel sculpture art trail follows the San Diego coastline starting sequentially with five pieces in Pacific Beach and five more in La Jolla. These pieces combine elements of land and sea travel: sails, wheels, and sleighs.

Artists’s Bio: Neal and Tiffany Bociek are a husband and wife artist team who live and work in San Diego. The male/female interaction is a common theme in their work. They express the yin/yang relationship using inspiration from childhood where play, imagination, and fun are a constant. They strive to reinforce the idea that imagination, learning, and play should always be a part of one’s life journey no matter what age, relationship, or stage in life. They use recognizable objects in the everyday as inspiration and source material.

Neal graduated from the University of Notre Dame where he obtained a Master of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis on sculpture. He won the Orchid Award from the San Diego Architectural Foundation for “Landsailers.” “Landsailers” is currently on display in 10 locations from Pacific Beach to La Jolla, California. Neal and his wife, Tiffany, currently have four sculptures on exhibit in the San Diego History Center located in Balboa Park.


Photos: Nick Ruddick